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Year Review 2021

This year 2021 is a tough year for me and Sky Business. Though we undertook several consulting jobs, I could not foucs on my research projects due to my busy schedule. Moreover, my pet, Ko-nyanko, suffer from serious dehydration and kidney failure in this summer. He was hospitalized for nearly a month. Now, he is recovering from his illness.

The other shocking news was that my dear friend, Glenn Berema, passed away a month ago. While I was working as an education consultant in Cebu, the Philippines, we became friends each other. He has a wonder son and wife. After my coming back to Tokyo, he gave me messages via SNS. Indeed, I had a wonderful friend....

Howwever, I'm sure I will complete two big research projects next year. The two projects are my NDM research related to AI and the other related to acupuncture. Through these two research projects, I will deepen my understanding of the nature of intuition and expertise. This is an exciting topic intellectually!

Nevertheless, coming next year, 2021, will be a tougher year. Probably, the COVID-19 pandemic will still go on next year. More people will be infected with this virus and may lose their lives. Unfortunately, global economy will not be auspicious. Though we will still have a hard time, we must seek better solutions in our lives and business.

However, you can make tough times bring opportunity. Open your mind and build strong intuition. You can change your life and the world. Have a wonderful year end and new year.


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