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English Books


Nara, J. (2015). How to sell your books in Japan: The seven tips to write your bestsellers. Kindle, Amazon.


Japanese Books


奈良潤 (2017). 「人工知能を超える人間の強みとは」技術評論社.

[Nara, J. (2017). What is human strength superior to artificial intelligence? -Showdown! Intuitive expert vs. AI. Tokyo, Japan: Gijyutsu-hyoron-sya.]

奈良潤・奈良順子 (2015).「2016年度英語面接試験を突破する!:外資系企業の採用基準を見抜く」(Kindle版).

[Nara, J & Nara, J. (2015). The secret strategies to pass English job interviews of multinational corporations. 2016 edition. (Japanese Kindle).


English-Japanese Translation


ゲイリー・クライン (2015).「『洞察力』があらゆる問題を解決する」奈良 潤 訳. フォレスト出版.

[Klein, G. (2013). Seeing what others don't: The remarkable ways we gain insights. New York, NY: PublicAffairs.] Translated by Nara, J. (2015). Tokyo, Japan:  

          Forest Publishing.


ロムロ・ガイオソ (2015).「戦略のためのシナリオ・プランニング-勝ち残りの思考と意思決定」奈良 潤 訳. フォレスト出版.

[Gayoso, R. (2014). How to win in every scenario: Using scenario planning to create win-win solutions in Ukrain and in other complex situation.

          Bloomington, IN: Xlibris] Translated by Nara, J. (2015). Tokyo, Japan: Forest Publishing.


Educational Dialogue: Philosophos

-Affectionately dedicated to all lovers of wisdom everywhere.

Scuola di Atene


The word philosopher originally came from the Ancient Greek word φιλόσοφος (philosophos), that means 'lover of wisdom'. More precisely, a philosopher is any intellectual who has made great contributions to academia -humanities, arts and sciences. In the classical meaning, a philosopher is any thinker who lives according to a way of life and pursues her/his raison d'etra.


In this special educational program, Dr. Jun Nara invites academicians and educators to ask about their research, activities, core values and life philosophy and share some insights of their personal lives with us. The interview scripts in English and Japanese are posted below.


Regardless of nationaltity, age, sex, race, specialty, and other social and cultural backgrounds, we always welcome new applicants. If you are interested in joining this program, contact us at .


<The Guest Professors & Instructors>


Name / Country / Specialty / Organization

Rom Gayoso, Ph.D. / Brazil & USA / Business & Economics / Grand Canyon University & Wilkes University



Mark Echols, Ph.D. / USA / Social welfare / Abbott House &



Ms. Miyuki Yamaguchi / Japan & USA / Interior designing / Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio & UC-Berkeley, Extension



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