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The 14th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making

Intl NDM2019_San Francisco33%.png

'A Journey to Meet the World's NDM Heros'

San Francisco, CA, USA, Jun. 17-21, 2019 

5-Marine Club Front.jpg

Marine's Memorial Club and Hotel

8-At Reception.jpg

At reception

name tag.jpg

Name tag and brochure


Lecture Hall


Workshop: Ms. Laura Militello (L) of Applied Decision Science, Dr. Emily Patterson (R) of Ohio State Univ., and Dr. Emilie Roth of Roth Cognitive Engineering. 

Ben Intro.jpg

A keynote speaker, Prof. Ben Shneiderman (Univ. of Maryland)

Ben S.jpg

Dr. Klein (L) introduces Prof. Shneiderman (C) to the audience. Ms. Militello (R) on the stage.

Courtesy of Ben2.jpg

Where is Jun? (Photo: Prof. Shneiderman)

Poster presentation.jpg

Poster session


With Dr. Deborah Klein, a daughter of Dr. Gary Klein. She is also a cognitive psychologist.

Ashley Ferkol, Uni of Edingbaragh2.jpg

Ms. Ashley Ferkol, a PhD student of the Uni. of Edinburgh 

Brian Moon.jpg

With Dr. Brian Moon, President of Sero and a co-researcher of Dr. Klein


Dinner at Aquarium of the Bay


My NDM friends, cheers!

Daniel Serfaty of APTIMA.jpg

Dr. Daniel Serfaty, Principal founder and CEO of APTIMA gave his presentation. 

Hoffman autograph.jpg

Dr. Robert Hoffman is writing his autograph on the book cover of his book.

Hoffman autograph2_Back cover of Minding

It reads, 'Jun, Wonderful to meet you! Glad my work is of value! -Robert R. Hoffman'.


With Dr. Hoffman. His co-authored book, 'Minding The Weather' (MIT Press) is a must-read book for any NDMers.

Raanan Lip.jpg

With Emeritus Prof. Ranaan Lipshitz of the Univ. of Haifa, the world's leading authority on organizational learning.

Judith Orasanu 5.jpg

With Dr. Judith Orasanu, a founder of NDM. I call her, 'My mother in academia'. Junko Nara told me she looks like her.

With Gary.jpg

With Dr. Gary Klein. I always call him, 'My father in academia'. Look like real father and son?

With Laura.jpg

With Ms. Laura Militello, the world's expert on Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA). She is 'My sister in academia'.

Klein Julie.jpg

From Left: Ms. Wendy Jephson, Chief behavioral scientist at Nasdaq, Dr. Klein and Dr. Julie Gore, Uni. of Bath

Julie Gore.jpg

Dr. Gore introduced Ms. Jephson to the audience. 


With Ms. Militello (C) and Ms. Christen Sushereba (R), a Research associate of Applied Decision Science, LLC.  

Jun, Laura, and Tiffany2.jpg

With Ms. Tiffany Estep, a Research associate of ShadowBox, LLC. She greatly contributed to NDM-14 as the organizer. Thank you, Tiffany!

Emily Newsome.JPG

With Ms. Emily Newsome, a Research associate of ShadowBox, LLC. Emily, Christine, Tiffany, and Katie worked hard for this Conference as assistants.

Joseph Borders.jpg

With Mr. Joseph Borders, a Research associate and Project manager of MacroCognition, LLC and ShadowBox, LLC. No doubt, Joseph will become the next NDM leader. 


Thank you so much, Dr. Klein! See you at NDM-15! 


Just back to Narita Airport, Japan!  

'Thank you, the world's NDMers! See you at NDM-15 in 2021!'

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