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Jun Nara, Ph.D.

Co-president & Researcher,
Sky Business, Co. Ltd.

-NDM / Macrocognition researcher & practitioner
-Academic entrepreneur


-Naturalistic Decision Making Association (NDMA)
-Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), The U.S.

Dr. Jun Nara earned a PhD. in Professional Studies in Education from Capella University, MN, the US, in 2010. He also completed the Continuing Education Programme, the University of Oxford in 2010.
Dr. Nara has worked for Sky Business, an education company in Tokyo, Japan (founded by Ms. Junko Nara in 1978), for more than 20 years as a researcher, education consultant, and English instructor. As a researcher, he focuses on Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) and Macrocognition. His recent research interests are sensemaking and expertise.
As an educational consultant, Dr. Nara used to work for several schools and universities in Southeast Asia for 3 years. As an author and translator, he published a Japanese book about human expert vs. Artificial Intelligence and translated the book, 'Seeing What Others Don't', by Dr. Gary Klein, a founder of NDM.
Dr. Nara holds karate and Judo blackbelts. He lives in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, with Junko Nara (Founder of Sky Business) and a cat, Ko-nyanko.


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