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The Official Website of the NDM Community opened!

Today, I'm very pleased to announce a wonderful news to all of you that the Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) community opened its official website (Click the above picture or underlined words).

The NDM movement was initiated by Gary Klein and his research fellows in 1989. The purpose of NDM research lies in how the experts make a right decision under stressful and dynamic situation to reach uncertain goals. Since 1989, the NDM community has opened the international conference in the US and Europe alternatively.

Although some of the NDM researchers released their latest information through their personal websites and/or SNS, the NDM community as a whole did not have its official website. Therefore, for students and fledgling researchers, it was hard to learn the latest findings and contact the community. They usually depend on academic journals, books, and conferences.

I do hope that this official website will support anyone who is interested in NDM and would like to join the community.

Visit the website and enjoy it!


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