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Simulation training 1-What will happen next?

Simulation training is one of the most effective methods to improve your intuition. Simulation training is a kind of mental experiment to imagine (or visualize) the process of the happening and foresee what will happen in the future. it looks like you are watching fast-forwarding video.

According to recent studies in the field of cognitive psychology, human intuition usually consists of simulation and pattern recognition. In other words, when we make a judgment and decision intuitively rather than logically, we depend on mental simulation and recall the pattern that we have learned before. Most experts in any fields can take advantage of simulation skills. As a result, experts predict what will happen next more accurately than amateurs do.

The principle of simulation is simple, not demanding. You choose something dynamic and predict what the target(s) will do next. Try to visualize the next happening in mind and foresee the future.

Here is an example. You see the above picture. Two girls and two boys are jumping into the lake. Let's imagine what will happen next. Also, imagine the situation you are watching near them. Can you imagine their voice? Can you hear the sound of splashing water? How many seconds or minutes are they in the water?

When this picture was taken, probably you were not there. Therefore, you don't know what had happened actually. The purpose of this training is not predict the future happening accurately. Rather, the purpose is to train your imagination and simulation skills. Let's imagine the situation freely. When you are familiar with mental simulation, try to choose more complicated situation.


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