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Getting through hard times...

Indeed, we are now living in very hard times. Covid-19 is still raging in the world. A recent surprising news would be that US President Trump has been infected with this virus. Because we still do not know the routes of disease transmission exactly, wearing masks and social distancing are not necessarily be the ultimate protection. Rather, for most people, wearing masks and social distancing would be causes of mental stress. In fact, several data show the fact that more Japanese people have suffered from mental depression since the spread of Covid-19.

We cannot neglect the impact of Covid-19 on economy and industry, too. As you know, Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 has been postponed to next year. Other sports and art events are also postponed or cancelled in Japan. More people are opt for remote working and refrain from travelling. Therefore, even public transportation companies have been in the red for several months. We cannot also expect big profits from investment, because many company have been in the red.

Some optimistic people expect that Covid-19 will be over in a few month or in early next year and economy will recover from recession. Personally, I do not agree to this idea. Even if this pandemic is over, I guess new social problems and issues will arise (but, I cannot tell you what kind of problems here).

To get through hard times, what should we do? In other words, how should we prepare for next challenges in lives? There would be several factors, but I would like to emphasize your mental toughness. Your mental condition greatly affect your judgment, decision, and action. If you are less confident, that would lead to wrong judgment and decision. However, over-confidence will also bring about horrible consequences.

Explore your mind and find your right mindset. Introspection is the essence of making your right judgment and decision.


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