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COVID-19 & Political Intervention in Education

Although millions of people in the world are infected with COVID-19 and losing their lives everyday, there is also the other serious societal issue. As more people are vaccinated, some conspiracy theories have been pervaded among people. The conspiracy theory is this:

'COVID-19 has been artificially created by Bill Gates of Microsoft and other world's rulers to reduce the population. The purpose of vaccination is not to boost our immune system but weaken the immunity....'

People in North America, Australia, Germany, Austria, Russia and other countries recently protested against their government policy --compulsory vaccination. If they refuse vaccination, they are not allowed to enter the shop and restaurant. I also heard the news that in California and Austratia children cannot attend school if they (and their parents) refuse innoculation. As the Japanese caption above the picture reads, 'The number of unschooling children who commit suicide has sharply risen (in Australia).'

In any democracies, patients have their rights to choose medication. In other words, patients can refuse innoculation. In fact, thousands of people in Japan and the rest of the world have suffered from side effects of vaccination and passed away. Therefore, we cannot draw the conclusion that this vaccination is completely safe to anyone. If people cannot trust vaccination, they will never get jabs.

I heard a very shocking news that California and the Australian government announced any children who have not finished innoculation will not be allowed to go to school. This is completely political intervention in education. Besides the patient's right to choose medication, all children have their rights to be educated regardless of their (and their parents') medical believes.

COVID-19 and vaccination have taken millions of people. Simultaneously, they are about to kill democracy in education....


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