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Observation (1)@Toyo Acupuncture College

In this morning, I visited the Toyo Acupuncture College to observe a clinical class. President Hironao Takeuchi generously gave me his permission to his class.

At the beginning of the class, Dr. Takeuchi asked me to introduce myself in front of the students. Because I was a little bit nervous, I was stuttered. A few female students laughed at me, but they listened to me very attentively. I explained about the purpose of my research and why I need to observe the class. Fortunately, the students seemed to focus on practice during my observation.

During clinical training, I was very curious about a male students. He became a mock patient while a female student (acted as a therapist) pressed his toe with her fingers. Then, he suddenly shouted, 'Ouch!' According to Dr. Takeuchi, there are some acupoints on the toe that connect with back. Because the male student has a backache, the acupoints on the toe reacted to the pressure.

If I had a backache and see an orthopedic surgeon, the doctor will examine my back only. However, in Oriental medicine, every part of the body links with each other through Meridians. More importantly, experienced acupuncture doctors can find out the weak part of the patient's body based on the map of Meridians. Then, they insert the needle into proper acupoints.

When I was about leave the College, I happened to meet Dr. Sadahiro Takiguchi, Instructor and secretary of Dr. Takeuchi. I was very glad because he also seemed to be very interested in my research.

I truly appreciate all people of the Toyo Acupuncture College.








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