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Cognitive Interviews 1&2@Drs. Yume Okuzono & Rei Sekiguchi

After observing Dr. Takeuchi's clinical training class at the Toyo Acupuncture College in Shin-okubo, Tokyo, I moved to Musashi-koganei, Tokyo. I had my appointment to see Drs. Yume Okuzono and Rei Sekiguchi at the Sekiguchi Acupuncture Clinic. Then, I conducted a cognitive interview with them.

Cognitive interview is not a typical interview. Rather, it looks like a psychological test to examine the process of thinking and other mental functions. I especially focused on the topic of how they notice some abnormalities of their patients' body.

Very interestingly, both of them replied to me that as they have more experience they can gradually notice subtle and invisible patient's mental and physical conditions.

For instance, when Dr. Okouzono touches the patient's shoulders, she sometimes notices other health problems (that the patient her/himself doesn't notice). I remember my experience in Dr. Takeuchi's clinical training class. A female student examined a male student's toe and noticed the male student had a backache.

Dr. Rei Sekiguchi is the director of the clinic. He also kindly shared his story with me. He stated when he was a student he was just obsessed with a huge amount of medical knowledge. However, as he had more clinical experience, he could see his patients without obsession -as if his mind becomes more freely or he thinks freely.

We also discussed pattern recognition and imagination in clinical settings. Indeed, my cognitive interview was so successful. I truly appreciate both Drs. Okuzono and Sekiguchi.

『認知インタビュー1&2 -奥薗ゆめ先生&関口礼先生』








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