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'Reading the Expert's Mind' -From Theory to Practice

In my previous book about Expert vs. AI, I introduced basic theories and key concepts of Naturalistic Decision-Making (NDM) and Macrocognition. As only the Japanese NDM researcher, I'm very proud of my contribution to Japanese academia (though some people are still very conservative on NDM and Macrocognition...).

I have thought the introduction of the theories and concepts is the first step. Of course, I'm now considering the second step -How to make the transition from theory to practice.

Some readers wrote their reviews like 'I'd like to know how I can improve my intuition' and 'Can we really read the expert's mind? If so, how?' Such questions are quite reasonable. As a matter of fact, many American and European NDM researchers are asked by people who aren't familiar with our research.

My answer to the questions is, 'Yes'. Yes, we can build our intuition through cognitive training. Yes, we can read the expert's mind through cognitive interview. In other words, we can learn how the experts in any field work their minds.

Other NDM researchers and I expect the findings about the expert's mind will enable the beginners and amateurs to walk on the shortest learning process. Because our cognitive interview will cover some secrets of the functions of the expert's mind --to turn tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

Therefore, what I would like to include in my next book are the following points:

1.) The function of sensemaking --'How does the expert work his/her mind to notice the invisible problem and find out the best solution?'

2.) Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) as a cognitive interview method --'The practical method to read the expert's mind'

3.) Cognitive training --To introduce some effective and practical training methods to build intuition

While the topic about sensemaking is a theoretical foundation in my book, I hope many readers will be interested in the methods of cognitive interview and cognitive training.

I don't deny the criticism that, in my previous book, I focused on NDM theories and concepts too much. However, I will write my book in order to help the readers apply cognitive interview and training methods to their real settings.

Please look forward to reading my next book!














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