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A Big Project Starts!

As I explained in the page of 'RESEARCH', I'm now investigating the mechanism and function of sensemaking --how the expert in any field detects situational changes and invisible problems. In fact, sensemaking is one of the most crucial theme in the studies of macrocognition.

I chose acupuncture therapists as my research-targeted people (or participants) because masters of acupuncture usually have exceptional sensemaking. They can easily grasp the health condition of the patient, find out right acupoints, and insert the needles into the skin gently (no pain!).

Yesterday, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Hironao Takeuchi, President of Toyo Acupuncture College in Shin-okubo, Tokyo, Japan, for the first time. Toyo Acupuncture College is one of the oldest acupuncture colleges in Japan. Recently, he published his book about how the therapists can improve their diagnostic skills.

Dr. Takeuchi is an open-mined and friendly person. He stated to me that he always strives to develop good relationship with others. Therefore, he wrote on the inside of the book cover as it can be read below:

'Affectionately dedicated to Dr. Jun Nara -I appreciate this new relationship with you. -Dr. Hironao Takeuchi, on Oct. 18, 2018'

A more exciting story is that Dr. Takeuchi promised he will support my research on sensemaking. From his nearly 50-year-clinical experience, he also recognizes the importance of intuition. Indeed, I have a wonderful mentor for my research!


当サイトの 'RESEARCH(研究)'のところで(英文で)説明しているが、私は現在、センスメイキングのメカニズムと機能について調査している。センスメイキングとは、エキスパートとよばれる人たちが、どのように意識を働かせて状況の変化や見えない問題を察知するのか、ということだ。実際、センスメイキングは、マクロ認知という一大研究分野で最重要なテーマとされている。





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