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The Shape of Mind

Most people believe human and other living creatures have minds. People often talk with the pets (such as dogs and cats) because they think their pets have minds.

The primary purpose of my research is to investigate the function of minds -how people make judgments and decisions to cope with unexpected happenings under serious conditions. I often have a conduct interview with an expert in the field. Throughout the interview, I can learn how the expert think and take action on the spot.

Recently, I had a chance to have an interview with an acupuncture doctor of the Hokushinkai, one of the most biggest acupuncture organization in Japan. He replied to my question about human minds, 'Human minds look like multilayered products. They are mutable and show various facets.'

He continued his explanation, 'Let's imagine the situation. The person is smiling at you, but he may be angry with you. The person may be just hiding his/her real emotion. More importantly. Our minds are always influenced by the surroundings and environment -people. place, time. weather, season, health condition, etc. We cannot predict how our minds will change in the near future....'

How do you know your minds? Also, how do you read other people's minds? Very mysterious questions....


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