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The Effect of 'Quercus salicina' -To get rid of gallstones

I'm very glad to inform all of you that President Junko Nara of Sky Business left the hospital on June 12. However, she still needs further medical attention and re-hospitalization on June 23 for three nights. her physician will remove gallstone with endoscope.

During three-week hospitalization, due to strict dietary restrictions, Ms. Nara lost her weight and energy. However, after coming back to home, she regains her appetite and gains her weight. By and large, I can confidently state that her health condition is getting much better.

By the way, gallstone pancreatitis is not a rare disease in any country. Unfortunately, there is not ultimate treatment for this disease. Although there is little strong scientific evidence, some treatment will be beneficial for the patients like Ms. Nara.

For the patients with gallstone pancreatitis, herb tea made from Quercus salicina is often recommended. In fact, there are many successful clinical cases that the patients recovered from the disease. In Japan, you can purchase the tea bags via Amazon and other online stores.

The other useful information sources would be found through 'gallstone natural treatment' on the Google search engine. If you, your family, and deer friends suffer from gallstones, lets's check the website.


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