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My Interview Article in 'Sport Japan' (Vol. 42, March & April / Special Edition)

Sky Business and I are very glad to announce the news that my interview article appeared in the official magazine, 'Sport Japan' (Vol. 42, March / April Special Edition), published by the Japan Sport Association, a Japanese government agency. The theme of this interview was 'Intuition of Expert on Sport Coaching'.

In this article, I briefly introduced the following points to the reader:

-What does the expert's intuition look like?

-How does intuition work?

-What are merits of strong intuition?

-How can we build intuition?

-What is sensemaking?

This interview article would be very significant to all sport instructors because no one has explained about intuition based on cognitive psychology. Fortunately, I have received favorable feedback and comments from the readers across Japan.

Here, I would like to show my greatest appreciation to the Japan Sport Association and the publisher, Japan Bunka Publishing. Thank you very much.


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