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The Joint Education Program with Automobile Tech College

We are very pleased to announce the news that Sky Business will start the Joint Education Program with an automobile technical college in Tokyo. The tech college has sent new automobile mechanic to big corporations like Toyota. This time, the college considered international education program developed by Sky Business.

The purpose of this education program is to teach 1st- & 2nd-year students business communication including English conversation.

Sky Business has several research and education programs. One of the most popular programs is a business English conversation lesson called 'On-the-Job English Lesson' or OJE Lesson.

Although our students have various occupational background and different level of English proficiency, each student can learn English expressions that she/he really would like to use in the workplace. Although there're thousands of English schools in Japan, almost all of them do not teach students unpractical expressions.

For any young Japanese people who wish to work outside Japan, learning business English conversation would be necessary. Our expectation to the student is much higher. We expect our students to become business people who can deal with problems as well as expand the global market.

Indeed, working in foreign countries is truly exciting. However, global business always entails unexpected issues and problems. Our students must learn how to cope with troubles on their own. Teaching trouble-shooting is also the purpose of our education program.

We look forward to meeting our new students in this June!


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