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Our trademark 'On-the-Job English' registered!

To my regret, I could not renew my blog article for nearly two months. In Tokyo, there are still hundreds of new patients with COVID-19 everyday. Although we can go out and work outside, there are still restrictions in business and travel.

A recent shocking happening was some of my business clients (and their families) were infected with COVID-19. Fortunately, all of them are recovering from the disease. According to the local health center, I did not have close contact with them. Therefore, I was exempt from taking the PCR exam. Nevertheless, our life in Tokyo is extremely stressful.

However, I have a very good news. Sky Business Co., Ltd. has its English program for Japanese business people. This program is called 'Sky Business On-the-Job English Lesson' (Abbreviation: Sky OJE Lesson). Fortunately, our trademark, 'On-the-Job English', was certified by the Japanese Patent Office. The Patent number is 6324132. \

Sky OJE Lesson is a unique program. The educational concept of this program lies in that the students should learn practical English communication skills on the real business setting. More, we develop so-called 'learner-made' textbooks. The learner can master what they are eager to say in English exactly. As a result, the learner can shorten the learning period.

Originally, Sky Business has offered business English lesson program to Japanese working adults. As a cognitive psychologist and educational researcher, I realized that my specialty, Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM), was applicable to our English program. In fact, many NDMers recommend On-the-Job Training (OJT) is effective to build intuition and other cognitive skills. Then, I created the new language learning concept, OJE, from OJT.

In the future, we will write some books about OJE. I hope our new educational concept, learning method, and English program will be beneficial to all Japanese business people.


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