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[Special 1] To pursue 'real intuition' through understanding of 'life'@Fujimoto Kans

Yesterday (Mar. 28), I visited the Fujimoto Kanshoin Acupuncture Clinic in Nara City, Nara Prefecture. The purpose of my visit was to meet Dr. Renpu Fujimoto, Founder of the Hokushinkai acupuncture society and Clinic director.

As I have introduced in this blog, I chose well experienced-acupuncture doctors to study how they work intuition and build strong intuition. Fortunately, Dr. Renpu and Hokushinkai accepted my research proposal.

Throughout Japan, many patients visit the Fujimoto Kanshoin everyday. Some of the patients see Dr. Renpu because physicians tell them there is no way to cure their diseases. He usually spends more than two hours to diagnose and use only one needle. In many cases, miracles happen...!

Although there were patients, I had a chance to see Dr. Renpu. Recently, I have my health problem. While I was lying on bed, he inserted a needle into the part near the inside of my left ankle. Fifteen minutes later, I could recover from my illness. Indeed, his technique, manner, attitude,--everything was different from other acupuncture doctors.

After treatment, Dr. Renpu shared his time to talk about my research project. He told me that his style of acupuncture is medicine and science as western medicine is. While western medicine and science depend on analytical thinking, occidental medicine adopts holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit. Our life consists of these three elements.

If an acupuncture doctor works intuition and logic and diagnoses the patient accurately, the doctor can cure any disease with only one needle through understanding the patient's body, mind, and spirit. This is the essence of acupuncture. Dr. Renpu initiated this style of acupuncture and established Hokushinkai society to pervade his acupuncture style.

By the way, after earning my Ph.D. in Education from Capella University, I completed the Continuing Education Programme at Oxford in the UK. I studied the introduction of history of western medicine.

I'm very afraid of writing this, but Occidental medicine, acupuncture, has longer history than western medicine and Oxford. While Oxford was established in around 1100, the Huangdi Neijing (the oldest Chinese medical textbook) was completed in 111 C.E. History of acupunctrure is approximately 2,000 years. Dr. Renpu was born in a family of acupuncture doctors and is the 14th generation.

However, history of modern psychology is about 100 years. History of Naturalistic Decision Making (to study intuition and expertise) is only 30 years. It looks like a new-born baby tries to understands 100-old-year-philosopher's stories.

Dr. Renpu generously encouraged me to conduct my research on intuition. Although we had a dialogue for an hour, it was the most meaningful lesson for me in my life.

Here, I would like to show my appreciation to Dr. Renpu Fujimoto, his students of Hokushinkai.


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