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Sharpening Cognitive Interview Skills at 14-NDM

I'm very glad to announce my news that I could successfully finish the registration for the 14th International Naturalistic Decision-Making (NDM) Conference in this June in San Francisco. This is the biggest event for all NDMers in the world!

This time, I will also attend the two workshops on June 18:

-Designing Complex Scenarios for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Technology for Supporting Distributed Cognitive Work,


-Cognitive Work Analysis (CTA).

It seems to me that this Conference will focus on the understanding of human cognition (especially how our cognition works during dealing with tasks) and how we can analyze such psychological phenomenon.

A significant point of these two workshops would be that Ms. Laura G. Militello of ShadowBox LLC is an instructor of these two workshops. As NDMers know, she is one of the leading experts on CTA. CTA is the most fundamental research skill for NDM.

For students and new researcher, the textbook, 'Perspectives on Cognitive Task Analysis' from Psychology Press is highly recommended. If you would like to learn more practical CTA skills, read the textbook, 'Working Minds -A Practitioner's Guide to Cognitive Task Analysis' from MIT Press.

My friends in the NDM community, see you in this June in San Francisco!


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