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Korean Edition of My First Book

It's my greatest pleasure to announce here that last week I received Korean edition of my first Japanese book about human expert vs. AI from Gijyutsu-Hyoronsya, Co., Ltd., or known as 'Gi-Hyo' in Japan.

My Japanese book was released from Gi-Hyo in 2017. Later, a Korean publisher, Freelec, Co.Ltd. translated my book and released it in Korea. I've never expected my book was translated and sold in Korea. Therefore, I'm very glad to here Korean readers learn about NDM through my book.

I don't read Korean language. Nevertheless, the Korean edition seems to include all crucial information from the Japanese one. Excellent translation!

Unfortunately, both Japan and Korea have diplomatic issues with each other. However, I strongly hope the two nations will rebuild bilateral relations and promote cultural exchange.


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