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How to survive and thrive in economic winter

The 2020 US Presidential election result is a big news in Japan as well as in the world. Especially, Japanese politicians and business people are concerned with how the US President, Mr. Joe Biden, will affect diplomacy and trade. In this September, Mr. Yoshihide Suga became the 99th Prime Minister. It's hard to predict how these two leaders will change the world, but we are still living in a very hard times (as you can read in my previous blog).

One of the most shocking recent news is that the world's leading airlines, Singapore Airlines, made a tough decision for downsizing in this September. For many years, Junko Nara and Sky Business sent many young Japanese working adults to major international airlines (including Singapore airlines). Also, Junko used to work for the airlines when she was young. This news is not just shocking, but also represents present the situation of global market. Indeed, economy is stuck.

In this economic winter season, we must become clever to survive. Any fox that catches white and black rabbits is clever. Any fox that focuses on only white rabbits is dumb. If you are a corporate manager or entrepreneur, diversify management and markets. You may find out business opportunities in unlikely and unexpected places.

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