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Dear My Overseas Clients -'Expand your market in Japan!'

Yesterday (April 7), the Japanese government declared emergency for Tokyo, Osaka, and other five big cities as the Covid-19 hot areas.

Unlike 'lockdown' in other countries, people in Japan are still allowed to go out for shopping and job. However, most schools and universities, sport gyms, restaurants, amusement parks will be closed by May 6.

Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about numerous troubles and tragedies. Especially, Sky Business and I would like to show our condolence to the victims anywhere in the world.

Also, we truly appreciate medical professionals in the world who care the patients though they have risk to be infected with the virus. As a matter of fact, many medical professionals lost their lives due to infection.

While safety is priority, we must consider economic damages and seek other business opportunities.

Sky Business and I always welcome any educational business inquiries from overseas clients. For further information about our services, please visit the page of 'SERVICES' of this official website.

Unfortunately, due to strict regulations for travel and quarantine, we cannot produce any new academic and educational events in Tokyo. Currently, we also cannot invite guest speakers to Japan.

Our recommendations are co-authorship and translation in the fields of cognitive psychology (especially Naturalistic Decision Making and Macrocognition), education and other social science. As an agent, we look for the Japanese publishers that are interested in your books and proposals.

If you consider our services, please send your e-mail to

Your e-mail should include the following information:

-Your name

-Your institution



-E-mail address

-Other comments (if necessary)

Sky Business and I may not reply to you if you miss the above items.

I expect more and more educators, academicians, and business people will opt for online services until this pandemic is over.

Because of long-term recession and this pandemic, opportunities to publish books for overseas in Japan have been limited every year. However, please don't hesitate to apply if you have inspiring proposals.

Besides business purposes, I welcome your comments and messages. I always wish your safety in your country.

Thank you for attention and reading.


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