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Cognitive Interview (3) Dr. Kensuke Morioka@Neishindo

Today, I visited an acupuncture clinic, the Neishindo, in Meguro, Tokyo. The purpose of my visit is to have a cognitive interview with Dr. Kensuke Morioka (right), Clinic Director. I met him at the Winter Seminar of the Hokushinkai acupuncture society in last December for the first time.

Soon after meeting each other, he told me he was very interested in my research and would like to read my book. Also, he is a well-experienced acupuncture doctor. In Last August, he passed the examination of the Hokushinkai and will be Instructor this year. So, I asked him have a cognitive interview. He generously joined my research project as an interviewee.

Cogntive interview is a kind of research method to investigate the thought process and expertise of the experts in various fields. We, NDM researchers, often adopt this methodology.

Because Dr. Morioka has been interested in psychology, he willingly shared his story about clinical experience. At first, we were supposed to have a 90-minute interview. However, the interview was very exciting. When I finished this interview, 2 hours has passed. Indeed, time flies! He seemed to enjoy this interview.

Of course, I could succesfully gain useful information for my research.

I truly appreciate his cooperation.


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