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Dear Our Overseas Clients (Info. about Coronavirus)

First of all, Sky Business, Co. Ltd. and I would like to show our greatest condolence to all victims of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the global spread of this infectious disease has brought about much inconvenience and many tragedies.

Fortunately, both Junko Nara and I (and our cat named Ko-nyanko) are healthy and safe in Tokyo. Some of my friends in foreign countries worried about us. We appreciate your kindness.

Unlike the US and some European countries, the Japanese government has not issued an order to stay at home to the Japanese citizens. While some people refrain from working outside, many people go out for their jobs and other purposes. Majority of the Japanese people are wearing masks in public places. At supermarkets and grocery stores, masks and toilet tissues are often sold out but we don't see people shopping spree anymore.

The Japanese government strongly recommends any academic, sports, and entertainment events are cancelled though the government still hangs on the plan to open the Tokyo Olympic Games in this summer. Final decision will be made by the end of this or next month, but roughly 70 to 80% of Japanese people think the Games should be postponed or cancelled (according to a recent survey by Yahoo! Japan).

In Tokyo, Sky Business offers educational services to our clients and learners as usual. We welcome any education-related inquiries from valuable overseas clients anytime. Also, we share any useful information about the coronavirus pandemic in Japan with foreign clients. Please feel free to send your email at .

Thank you for your attention.

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