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'Please calm yourself' -Hysteria kills your intuition and reasoning.

In Japan, the coronavirus pandemic is still major topic in mainstream media. This pandemic has terribly affected our lives, economy, and even minds.

In fact, the Japanese government strongly recommends schools (K-12: from elementary to senior high school) should be closed. Children must stay at home. Also, many sports and art events are being cancelled. The number of tourists from Japan and from other countries has been sharply dropped. In this June, the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held. However, it's uncertain Japan can successfully open the Game.

At any supermarket, disposable masks are always sold out. Someone spread the misinformation through the Twitter that the amount of toilet tissues will be limited because factories in China are closed. Some Japanese people rushed to buy tissues and other commodities as much as possible. Nevertheless, Japan has struggled with its long-term recession.

The more serious issue is, as far as I believe, mass hysteria. As the coronavirus are transmitted from person to person, hysteria spreads among people. For instance, at a supermarket near my home, I happened to look at a customer who shouted at the shopkeeper because masks and tissues were sold out. Then, other customers started to abuse the shopkeeper. This is an example of mass histeria. When people get hysterical, they cannot make a right judgement and decision. As a result, the trouble will be bigger. It looks like pouring oil on the flame.

In my previous English article, we are now fighting the invisible enemy. Medical experts have not proven yet how people get infected with this virus and how the patient should be treated. Likewise, mass hysteria is our invisible enemy. It kills our intuition and reasoning. It brings about serious consequences.

When someone gets hysteric, let's say three words to the person gently: 'Please calm yourself'.

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