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A Fight Against the Invisible Enemy

As you know, the coronavirus outbreak in Asia and the rest of the world has become a serious issue. In fact, the world's mainstream media report the latest information about this pandemic everyday. In Tokyo, there has been the news that a male taxi driver was positive for the coronavirus test three days ago. More than 44 passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship at the Yokohama port have been allegedly infected the virus.

The trouble is that, unlike sexual transmitted diseases like AIDS, medical experts still do not know how people get infected with the coronavirus. Because patients usually suffer from high fever, breathing problems, and pneumonia, some experts surmise this disease is a kind of airborne disease -disease transmitted through the air. Anyway, further medical investigation would be necessary.

In the middle of Tokyo, most people live as usual. While some people wear masks, most people don't wear them. We don't know they wear masks because they're afraid of virus infection or because they just catch cold. In this season, some people suffer from hey fever. To protect against the pollen, they often wear masks. Therefore, there seems to be a gap between the information from the media and real life.

However, one thing is sure. We are now fighting the invisible enemy. This enemy could spread anywhere in the world. Anyone could get infected with this virus. While gathering the information is necessary, we must use our intuition to protect ourselves from this invisible enemy. Intuition is not a magical power that heals our disease. Rather, your strong intuition will enable you to protect yourself.

Be away from the sources of infection you suspect. Always wash your nose and throat when you're back to your home. Sleep well when you're tired.

Note: Click the above picture, and you will jump to the website of the Aljazeera news.

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