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Meeting with Dr. Yu Takeshita@Seimei-in Clinic

Today, I visited the Seimei-in Clinic in Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo. The purpose of my visit was to meet Dr. Yu Takeshita, Director of this clinic and ask him become one of the supervisors for my research project. Fortunately, I could receive a favorable reply from him.

While Dr. Takeshita is Director of his clinic, he is also an academician. He belongs to one of the most influential organizations, the Hokushinkai, in Japanese acupuncture and instructs his students as vice-academic director of Kanto (Tokyo area) Branch. The Hokushinkai was established by Dr. Renpu Fujimoto in 1979. Dr. Ken Takeshita, father of Dr. Yu Takeshita, is one of the founders of Kanto Branch of Hokushinkai.

There're some unique features in Hokushinkai-style acupuncture. According to the official website of the Seimyoin, Hokushinkai-style adopts so-called 'Dialectic remedy'. It means that the acupuncture therapist captures the moment while the condition of disease is changing. In many clinical cases, Houshinkai therapists use only one acupuncture needle (the therapist of other schools usually use 10 to 15 needles for a patient). The Hokushinkai acupunctureists cope with incurable diseases that physicians (Western medicine) cannot with only one needle.

As an NDM researcher who studies human intuition, I noticed that the concept of the Houshinkai-style is very similar to key concepts of sensemaking and reflection. Experts in any field have outstanding ability to make sense of subtle changes of the target and circumstance. They can reflect past experience and instantly find out the best course of action. Likewise, acupuncture masters can make sense of subtle (often invisible) changes of the patient's disease condition and find out the best acupuncture point.

Again, sensemaking and reflection in acupuncture --these two concepts are main theme in my research this time.

About above photos, left is the entrance of the Seimei-in Clinic. Right is the statue of raccoon wearing Santa Claus uniform. Guess what! He welcomed me at the entrance.

Dr. Takeshita and other acupuncture therapists of the Seimei-in Clinic, thank you very much for sharing time with me.









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