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Citation from My Book

On Oct. 18, I met Dr. Hironao Takeuchi, President of Toyo Acupuncture College, and received his latest book. On the same day, I also received a wonderful gift from the Kawai Publishing in Shibuya, Tokyo. Kawai Publishing is one of the major publishers for university admission tests, affiliated with Kawai-jyuku (university preparatory school).

Kawai Publishing introduced the admission exam for Iwate Prefectural (State) University in the test preparatory book. The university cited part of my book about expertise vs. AI for its essay question. Because Kawai Publishing uses the the admission test for the test preparation book, the publisher paid the copyright fee to me. Then, the editor generously sent a sample book to me!

Although I am the author of the original passage, the essay question is extremely difficult (LOL). It's true the content of my book would be a thought-provoking one, what I really expect to the reader is to enjoy reading it.

Here I would like to show my appreciation to Kawai Publishing and Iwate Prefectural University. Thank you very much.






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